Washington, DC – Work: Isabel

I spent the summer at the same firm I interned for last summer, Kayi & Wilkes Immigration Firm. After I finished the summer last year, I continued to work for the firm remotely from Cincinnati. During first semester, I continued to take on a variety of projects, translated documents, and interpreted communications between the attorneys … Continue reading Washington, DC – Work: Isabel

Washington, DC-Miscellaneous: Isabel

This summer, I was determined to get the absolute most out of my short time in DC (only 8 weeks). My plan is to return to DC immediately postgrad and practice there for a few years before returning to Cincinnati. Although I had already started to establish myself in DC because of the summer I … Continue reading Washington, DC-Miscellaneous: Isabel

Washington D.C. : History- Isabel

The nation’s capital was founded in 1790 and established by the US Constitution. DC has a long and interesting history including that of indigenous populations present prior to colonialism, early settlement, its founding, city plans, and development. For this post, I am more interested in discussing the different opportunities I had to explore in and … Continue reading Washington D.C. : History- Isabel