The Armed Conflict in Colombia and its impact on Women

Lauren, History & Society, Bogotá, Colombia. Since the moment I arrived here in Bogotá, Colombia, I have been learning about the nefarious armed conflict that began in 1964, and is technically ongoing. Colombia’s armed conflict is considered the world’s longest modern armed conflict. As I have been doing research regarding sexual violence in Colombia, I … Continue reading The Armed Conflict in Colombia and its impact on Women


Georgia: A Political Roadmap

Francesca, History & Culture, Tbilisi, Georgia. Georgia – or  Sakartvelo (საქართველო) – is located in the Caucasus, where Europe meets Asia. The capital and largest city of Georgia is Tbilisi. Given its geopolitical importance, the territory that is present-day Georgia has long been sought after – first by Persia, then by Turkey, and, most recently, … Continue reading Georgia: A Political Roadmap

Exploring The Hague’s Culture

Kennedy, Culture and Society, The Hague, Netherlands. The Hague is hands-down one of the most beautiful cities of the Netherlands, with its longstanding architecture, charming canals, and historical city centre. Because The Hague is an international city, the cultural impact is very substantial. There are a variety of cuisines to choose from and products to … Continue reading Exploring The Hague’s Culture

ICC Summer School: a week revolving around Bemba

Rebekah, Mini Series on International Judicial Institutions, Galway, Ireland. The following is drawn from what I learned participating in the ICC Summer School. From June 18th to the 22nd, I participated in the annual International Criminal Court (ICC) Summer School at the Centre. I spent each day intently listening to various prominent Human Rights legal … Continue reading ICC Summer School: a week revolving around Bemba

An American Learns Some History

Rebekah, History, Galway, Ireland. I’m dividing this blog into 2 portions. The first portion is a (very) condensed version of Irish history. The second part focuses on historical and contemporary human rights issues in Ireland. Ireland enjoys a long, layered history. According to, a website for migrants in Ireland, mainland Europeans first settled in … Continue reading An American Learns Some History

Immigration Detention: Then and Now

Natalia, History, Los Angeles. While many may think that immigration detention is a relatively new phenomenon, due to its recent resurgence in the news and in public discourse, the Supreme Court permitted immigration detention as far back as 1896 in Wong Wing v. United States. In this precedential decision, the Supreme Court ruled that temporary … Continue reading Immigration Detention: Then and Now

History of The Hague & the Special Tribunal for Lebanon

Kennedy, History, The Hague, Netherlands. Hallo uit Den Haag (Hello from The Hague)! For my second official blog post, I was tasked with giving all you readers a brief history of The Hague, as well as background on the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (which is where I am interning this summer). Just a warning: I … Continue reading History of The Hague & the Special Tribunal for Lebanon